Studio Kargah a Graphic Design Studio in Tehran, Iran.



In 2001, Studiokargah started as a small basement graphic design studio in the center of Tehran.Today, Studiokargah has grown into a medium-sized independent studio that collaborates with cultural institutes inside Iran and around the globe. Studiokargah has a flowing and multidimensional life form which exists on three notions: Home, Laboratory, and Factory.Studiokargah is an autonomous ecosystem that focuses on original ideas, researches, design and implementation.Studiokargah cooperates with its friends and clients, and suggests cultural solutions for their ideas and projects.Studiokargah tries to collect, classify, archive and curate the documents and artworks of Iran’s graphic design history in order to prevent them from being erased and forgotten.Studiokargah connects creative minds, tries to make the new and experimental ideas possible.Studiokargah attempts to be a hub for artists, researchers, cultural institutes, investors and believes that this will lead to more fruitful results.Studiokargah believes that the capacities of the history of art, literature and the eclectic urban culture of today’s Iran and the region can be used to create a contemporary visual language.Studiokargah is endeavoring to set up an international dialog based on design and culture.



A Graphic Design Studio founded in 2001, by Aria Kasaei (b.1980) and Peyman Pourhosein (b.1980) in Tehran, Iran.


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Ashkan ForootanAmin MatinfarGolnaz EsmaeiliMostafa BehzadiMahya KetabchiMaryam SharifiMasoud MorganMojdeh MoradiNegar JabbarifariReihaneh RajabiSafa GhasemiDonya GhanavatizadehSam KeshmiriPantea HashemiPegah SaebiAzin NafarKamyab JafariAmirhossein ZarifianArman AhmariSepideh Honarmand


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